All in Locked Up


Now, being transgender in jail… First of all, my ID says that I’m a female. So, I get to the city jail. They asked me if I was all woman. I said no. At this point all of the officers are like staring at me like I’m a freak of nature.


I went to court and the judge said, “From what I’m reading here, looks like you’re charged with 850 pounds of marijuana. I just looked at him and I didn’t know what to say so I said, “Well, your honor, it was all for my own personal use.


Morgan Freeman made a statement about how being in prison teaches you how to be a criminal. You learn more about crime and what not to do and what to do by being locked up with those people. All you have is time. All they do is talk about their sentences and what they did. 


I went to prison for four years because of the PTSD. A cop was dragging me by my hand and I bit him right there [pointing to upper arm] and when he pulled out his cuffs, I bit him there [pointing to wrist]. I did four years in maximum security. 


They sent my dad back to prison for something he did 4 years prior. He was clean with me. We went to a meeting every morning together and I went to my little night time younger people meeting and hung out with my friends. It had become a way of life for me. Then… it tore me up, I mean it TORE me up.


I’ve made twenty to twenty-five grand in a night before. I’m on the Internet for one robbery for $15,000. It took me a few minutes to make that and I robbed people often, A few times a week. 


 I lost a full ride scholarship to Oklahoma State University for wrestling because she decided she wanted to smoke crack and be a prostitute instead of working a job and being a mother


When we parked, he grabbed me by my throat. I thought that it was the last breath I was gonna take. I thought, “this is it.” He was trying to get into my pants. I don’t think that I’d ever been that scared. 


Mister, that was one of the worstest days I ever felt in my life. I went to jail and he give me what you call a behind the barn spankin’. He left stripes on me back in 1967, he did. I still remember it, right today, as I look you in the face. 


My biggest regret is selling drugs. I did 5 years in prison. I got out in 1996 and I’ve been struggling ever since. People don’t give second chances. That’s why I’m doing this.