All in Rape


They had his DNA all over the tea cup [he had drank out of], the condom with his nut in it, they had his fingerprints. They had everything but Fulton County didn’t send my rape kit to the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation]. They lost it.  


I went to prison for four years because of the PTSD. A cop was dragging me by my hand and I bit him right there [pointing to upper arm] and when he pulled out his cuffs, I bit him there [pointing to wrist]. I did four years in maximum security. 


Most people think that when we women end up on drugs we have a choice but… Even though we try to bury the truth, the past replays over and over like a camera.


Yeah, I got attacked in 2006. I was at the underground in Atlanta and went through the garage to get out the other side. Three guys jumped me in the garage. They took me to a house for three days.


He knocked me out cold in my own house and tried to rape me. When I came to and started hollering, my dog started going crazy. That startled him and he took off. 


When we parked, he grabbed me by my throat. I thought that it was the last breath I was gonna take. I thought, “this is it.” He was trying to get into my pants. I don’t think that I’d ever been that scared. 


The toughest day of my life was the day I got raped. I got in the car with somebody who I thought was friendly and he wasn’t.