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Emoore Saylavee

Everyone's kind of looking for love or someone or something. You hitchhike and travel and you're almost hopeless sometimes, but I met this pretty, dope, girl, hitchhiking, and she's been like the crown jewel of the road for me.

Little John

I’ve been to all the lower forty-eight states now, all by train. It’s just like anything else. It’s got it’s ups and downs. The people that you travel with, that’s your family, you know. 


I noticed his window was cracked just a little. Just enough for the staff that the guy had given me to fit through. When I saw the crack, I heard the dudes voice say to me, “you might need it to fend off the wolves.”


you ever heard of a whistler as a tool of punishment? I’d come home with a bad grade or if my grandma was just having a bad day… it was a piece of plywood that had holes drilled into it. My dad made it for her.