About The Hidden South

Photo of Brent Walker by Daisy Poler

Photo of Brent Walker by Daisy Poler

The Hidden South is an ongoing project focused on sharing intimate portraits and stories of people throughout the Southeast U.S. and beyond.

It began in 2014. I started hitting the streets of Atlanta, taking pictures and telling stories of people I met. I focused mostly on areas where I knew there was a lot of addiction. In 2016 The Hidden South - Come Home was published thanks to generous Kickstarter contributions.

I’m currently working on creating bodies of work related to several topics:

Down On Decatur

My first time visiting New Orleans was around the age of three. Throughout my formative years, we would ride the train into town to visit my grandma on a regular basis. From an early age I was attracted to the city in a powerful way. As an adult I’ve come to understand how important this place has been and continues to be to my own evolution. I knew this very special place impacted others greatly. I decided that I wanted to explore the city through the eyes of those people. Down on Decatur is a collection of those portraits and stories.

Inked Soul

Tattoos often hold deep meaning. In particular, knuckle tats often reflect powerful statements about who the person is and who they will be in the future. Inked Soul is a collection of knuckle tats with brief stories about why they came to be.

Grey Matters

For more than a year, I traveled around the U.S. talking to people who have been diagnosed with mental health issues. Along the way I spoke with experts about specific mental health related topics. I’ve collected hundreds of powerful portraits and stories of those whom mental health issues directly impact. I intend to start sharing more of those stories in the near future.