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My name is Brent Walker. I’m the photographer and storyteller for The Hidden South. In September, 2014, The Hidden South began as a photo blog that documented intimate conversations with people, mostly in and around the Atlanta area.
In 2015, a Kickstarter campaign was launched in which we raised over $25,000 to fund a trip around the Southeast and production of the first book, The Hidden South - Come Home. The book was published in 2016 and has impacted the lives of people in a powerful way. 

In August of this year, the next chapter begins. I’m beginning a one year journey into the heart of The Hidden South. I’m shedding  most of my possessions, moving into a small travel trailer, and hitting the road.

The crowd funding campaign will be launched publicly in July on Indiegogo. I’m seeking $12,500 total during this campaign. There is something called the 30% rule that essentially states that if you raise 30% of your goal within 2 days of launching your campaign, you’re almost guaranteed to hit your goal. 

That’s why I’m reaching out to you today. I’m looking for a commitment from organizations and individuals prior to going live with the campaign, of $3,750. Doing that will almost ensure that the goal is reached.

I’m grateful for your assistance and I’d like to show my gratitude with a gift to you. I haven’t decided exactly what the gifts will be yet but they will be things like, subscription and acknowledgement in the new journal , limited edition prints, special access to behind the scenes footage of the journey. For organizations, I’m also happy to discuss speaking engagements and working on assignments specifically for your organization. 

If you’d like more information contact me. If you're ready to pledge, please enter your info below. You'll be sent an email reminder and a link when the campaign officially launches.

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A year of creating

Quarterly Journal
One of the priorities is creating a journal. Each digital, interactive edition will be based on subjects like sexuality, religion, immigration, or the prison system. The first edition will be about the opiate epidemic. Whatever edition I’m working on will inform where I land in the South. Each edition will be filled with stories from people on that particular subject and information to help the reader find solutions. 

Work on the Next Book
I’ll use this time to gather stories and photos for the 2nd book. This won’t be a repeat of the first book. I will continue share stories of people who have been through the storm but I’ll actively search for hope and redemption. 

Share the First Book
Traveling the South will also help me spread the word about the first book. Almost all of the first thousand books are gone and I’ve barely made it outside of Georgia. The Hidden South - Come Home affects people in a powerful way when I can get it in their hands. This trip will enable me to do just that.