About The Hidden South

Photo of Brent Walker by Jenny Levin

In September, 2014 I started The Hidden South project. I began to hit the streets of Atlanta, asking people to tell me about something that changed their lives. After we were finished talking, I took their portraits and posted their stories and photos online. The project garnered attention from media outlets and quickly grew. In 2015, I raised enough money on Kickstarter to take a trip around the Southeast U.S. and create the book, The Hidden South - Come Home.

The Hidden South - Come Home

The book came out in 2016 and has over a hundred portraits and stories of people that I’ve met throughout the South. I also captured the unseen Southern landscape as I traveled and included many of those photos in the book in order to paint a more complete picture. I tried to find the reasons why people’s path led them to where they were in life in the hope of discovering how to heal those who are broken.

Hidden South Confessions

After the book came out, I began to travel around the country spreading the word about the project. As I traveled, I began asking people to leave anonymous confessions in a lock box. Hidden South Confessions are oversized decks of secrets, fears and fantasies written by people all over the Southeast. Each deck contains 54 handwritten confessions that range from light and funny to deep and dark.