Brittany: I got into a bad car accident and I got hooked going to pain management doctors. I got hooked on Roxy 30′s. 

I have four small children. I was in a happy marriage. Everything going good. For some reason I decided to leave him for another man who ended up passing away. He died of a heroin overdose. He had done it in the past and it was something that he didn’t want to get back on, but somehow we both ended up on it.  I didn’t think I would end up getting addicted, but I did.

I wanted to get back with my husband and start something new. Go to rehab… he won’t budge. He isn’t interested in making anything work. He won;t let me see my kids. It’s like, if I can’t see them then what the hell? What’s the point?

BW: Do you remember why you left your husband for him?

Brittany: It was the addiction and being able to get high freely, when I wanted to. I couldn’t have done that with my ex. My biggest regret is not being in my kids' lives. I really miss my kids. I really do. 

BW: If you could tell your kids one thing…

Brittany: I’m sorry and I love you guys. [Tears] I hope I can beat this before it beats me. I hope they don’t have to bury me. It’s very real. I’ve overdosed several times. I’ve had several friends I had to bring back with Narcan shots. I’ve seen someone die right in front of me. 

BW: What was like when you were a kid. Was it good?

Brittany: No, no. My dad was really mean to me. On the outside they tried to make everything seem like it was OK. He would beat us. Well… he would beat me and make me write sentences. Thousands of sentences. I will not do this. I will not do that. He would beat me with a strap or with a leather belt or a branch from outside. He was just really really mean.

8 out of 10 heroin users abused prescription pain pills first.

NIDA for Teens


The Impact of Physical Discipline on a Child

A 2009 study concluded that children who were frequently spanked (defined as at least once a month for more than three years) “had less gray matter in certain areas of the prefrontal cortex that have been linked to depression, addiction and other mental health disorders.”

- Huffington Post



Taking Tory Home

Taking Tory Home