Goodbye Home

I left a traditional house, in a traditional neighborhood that was walled - broken by divorce and addiction and dishonesty, and was taken in by this place that offered openness , freedom, and endless rabbit holes to explore.

Journey into the Heart of The Hidden South

I'm at my best when I'm on the road. I wake up with a sense of urgency fueled by a childlike curiosity about the other humans sharing this experience with me.  I live by faith that I'm being guided by a force greater than me alone. I feel connected.

Washed by the rain, dried by the sun

I truly felt like Howard himself had graciously welcomed me to his family, given me a seat at the table, and nourished me back to health. I don't believe I've ever felt the presence of someone who has passed as strongly as I felt his on that Sunday. He may not be physically among the living anymore, but he is very much alive and well in that garden.