The Heart of Dixie

The Heart of Dixie

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I was traveling through the backroads of West Alabama, working on the first book. There was nothingness for miles and miles. Then, out of the middle of a pasture rose a 30+ foot tin man. I couldn't stop the car fast enough. It was a thing of beauty and deep meaning to me on that day in 2015. I  included it as one of the last images in the book as a reminder that, in the midst of all the pain, love can rise above and win the day. 

Every print purchased will be signed, numbered and dated. There is a limited (number) of each print available:

  • (500) Postcard - $5
  • (50) 8x10 - $50
  • (17) 11x14 - $150
  • (7) 16x20 - $350

Artist - Jim Bird

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