The Heart of Dixie

The Heart of Dixie

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I was traveling through the backroads of West Alabama, working on the first book. There was nothingness for miles and miles. Then, out of the middle of a pasture rose a 30+ foot tin man. I couldn't stop the car fast enough. It was a thing of beauty and deep meaning to me on that day in 2015. I  included it as one of the last images in the book as a reminder that, in the midst of all the pain, love can rise above and win the day. 

Prints, will be signed, numbered and dated. The (number) next to each print indicates the amount available for that size:

  • (500) 4x6 - $5
  • (50) 8x10 - $50
  • (17) 11x14 - $150
  • (7) 16x20 - $350

Artist - Jim Bird

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