The Hidden South - Come Home

The Hidden South - Come Home



Through stunning portraiture and intimate conversations, Brent Walker takes the reader on a journey across the Southeast United States, uncovering stories of heartbreak, addiction, and hope.

The Hidden South--Come Home is the first book by Atlanta-based photographer and storyteller Brent Walker. Through stunning portraiture and intimate conversations, Brent takes the reader on a journey across the Southeastern United States, uncovering stories of heartbreak, addiction, and hope. The book features more than 100 stories and portraits of people from all walks of life juxtaposed with photos of the Southern landscape that help paint a rich and complex picture of The Hidden South.

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Reviews From Amazon

Buy this book! Beautiful!
By Amazon Customer on January 21, 2016

I did not purchase this book via Amazon, so I hope my review will be allowed to remain. I purchased the book via the Kickstarter campaign that launched the project. I just received my hardcover copy in the mail and it is visually and emotionally stunning! Brent Walker has done an outstanding job of assembling sad, heartbreaking, beautiful and hopeful stories from people that will touch your heart and soul. Buy this book! You won't regret it.

You need this book in your life.
By Amazon Customer on January 22, 2016

This book needs to be part of every person's collection. The stories and pictures paint a beautiful yet realistic image of the real issues that are going on in society that we often don't talk about. Reading this book has changed my views on how I treat others, and has taught me to be a more compassionate person. I feel that this book is going to be one the most important ones out there in 2016. You won't be disappointed.

A compassionate in-depth look at a facet of Society many ignore. Brent Walker instead embraces it.
By Kelly Cochran on May 11, 2016

It isn't often that I find a book that I simply cannot put down until I have completely devoured it. This one is such a book. It runs you through a complete gauntlet of emotions; I laughed, cried, sympathized, and above all LOVED everyone of these people that Brent has masterfully allowed us to glimpse within these pages. This raw and authentic snapshot of a growing and ever struggling subset of Americans should in no way be ignored. These pages confront the stereotypes and bombard your sensibilities with truth. Their truth. The truth that many of us have experienced personally or through family or friends. You will never look at a homeless person or an individual battling any kind of addiction the same way ever again. Let the book show you what true compassion, raw emotion, and unending strength looks like through the eyes of the men and women in The Hidden South.

A journey of the heart that will change the way you view those who are less fortunate
By Tamara L. on February 3, 2016

Between the pages of this amazing photo journal, you will discover heartrending and inspirational stories of people in the South who have struggled with addiction, abuse and poverty. This book is a journey of the heart that will truly change the way you view others who are less fortunate. Sometimes we suffer from our own choices and sometimes we suffer from the choices of others. Usually both. Nevertheless, there is always a story behind the suffering, and awareness of that story helps us develop greater understanding and empathy. This is a book that I will cherish and return to often, especially when I need to remember that so many people struggle in the shadows and everyone deserves kindness and compassion regardless of their circumstances.

and remind me to care for and to love others unconditionally because you never know their story
By Jennifer L. Desantis on January 26, 2016

I received my much anticipated copy of "The Hidden South" the other day. I have been following this project for awhile now, and pre ordered the book as a gift to myself. This book will forever humble me, inspire me, and remind me to care for and to love others unconditionally because you never know their story. Thank you Brent Walker, for taking on this amazing project and encompassing what it really is to be human.
Love. Always.

Connect, create: human masterpieces
By Christina on April 8, 2016

Beautiful, human connection in the midst of terrible situations. Brent helps the down and out tell you who they really are, the dreams they've lost, and the happiness they still hope to find. Everyone is fighting a battle that other people know nothing about; take the chance to look into a stranger's eyes and listen with your heart.

By Dee Graff on January 25, 2016

This book is heartwarming, heartbreaking and so very real!
My hope for those that read the book is that they come out with more compassion and understanding for everyone. I hope they realize that any of these people could have been them or their sister, brother, mother, father, son or daughter. I LOVE THIS BOOK!