Newnan, GA

Alicia: I’m originally from Kentucky. I have two kids. My son is autistic. He really changed my life… I used to be on drugs. I turned myself around and started going to church. It got a whole lot better. I was living with my mom and my so called step-dad tried to sexually harass me and I had to leave. 

I lived with her about a year. I used to have my own place and everything but she begged me to come live with her so I did. 

BW: What happened with your step-dad? Did he just come on to you one day?

Alicia: Yeah… yeah. They’re both on drugs pretty bad and he’s not right so, that’s what happened. She basically didn’t believe me and believed him because she didn’t want him to leave so I just had to take my kids and leave.

BW: How long ago was that?

Alicia: It was about two months ago. And that’s when I came down here. I thought I had a friend here and I came down and I guess I don’t. I’ve been panhandling every day just to get $55 to get a motel room. It’s very expensive, especially when there’s a place right next door that I could get for $150 per week, and I can’t come up with that much.

BW: What are your hopes for the future?

Alicia: That I can get my own home. Just get my own home…

BW: What kind of work have you done?

Alicia: I’ve put in carpet. I’ve done every kind of work there is. I’ve worked in tobacco, put sheet-rock in a house, cleaned houses, babysat, anything that anyone’s given me a shot at. I can do anything really.

BW: If you could wave a magic wand and do anything, what would you do?

Alicia: Paint. 

BW: Like an artist?

Alicia: Yeah. I haven’t been able to for a while. I like to draw too.

BW: Huh… I’m actually part of an organization here in Newnan that just started up. It’s called Backstreet Arts. It helps people who are going through tough times. It’s not just about painting pretty pictures in the hopes of distracting people from their circumstances. We really hope to make changes in people’s lives. It might be perfect for you. 

It’d be great if we could help Alicia get a more permanent place to stay. Click here, if you’d like to help. 

Update on Alicia and Emma

Update on Alicia and Emma