Amanda: Every day on the streets is the worst day of my life, cause you lose so much.

BW: Like what?

Amanda: *Tears* You lose your loved ones, your self-esteem, your dignity… It’s rough. 

BW: How long have you been out here?

Amanda: About 7 or 8 years. 

BW: Have you ever stayed clean for any length of time?

Amanda: Yeah, I done got clean and stayed clean for 5 years. I can do it but every time something happens in my life that’s hard, I go back to the streets. 

BW: What do you think keeps bringing you back?

Amanda: Just trying to escape reality…

BW: You mentioned losing your loved ones. Do you have any kids?

Amanda: Yes, I have 5 children. 

BW: Who do they stay with?

Amanda: *Tears* 3 are in foster care, 1 is grown and 1 lives with his daddy.

BW: Do you have regrets with your kids?

Amanda: Yes, all the time. All the time… I love them. I just wish we could be together. 



April and Joseph

April and Joseph