Birmingham, AL
Angela: When I was ten, I got raped by three different people: my two cousins and my brother. It changed my life by lookin’ at my family different. 

BW: Did it happen with all of them at the same time? 

Angela: My two cousins [were together] but my brother was by himself. 

BW: What happened?

Angela: My grandmother used to leave all of us at home by ourselves. They was like fourteen. I was like ten. She would go to work and then come back. [My cousins] used to do it every single day. 

BW: Did you tell anybody about it?

Angela: No… I told my best friend but that’s it.

BW: What about your brother. How’d that happen?

Angela: Me and my brother, we slept in the same bed. One day I was asleep. I was ten or eleven, he was seventeen or eighteen. He just choke me and stuck it in. 

BW: When did you start dressing [as a woman]?

Angela: I only started dressing three years ago. I always felt like a woman. 

BW: Are you homeless right now?

Angela: Actually I’m not homeless. I have a place but… I do drugs. I stay in Norwood and I prostitute over here [downtown] so it’s too far to go home and come right back over here. I might as well go on and stay over here in the downtown area, keep going, get clothes from the shelter. 

BW: So, you don’t talk to any of your family?

Angela: No, my dad dead and my mama, I just don’t talk to her… I don’t talk to her. I have a queer personality. My personality is a mess. I’m bipolar. I’ll just snap in a minute. If it make sense I just snap and a lot of stuff been makin’ sense lately. 

BW: What makes you snap?

Angela: People be agitating me. Like one day I was walking and this dude said, “Abomination!” There was a brick and I threw the brick at his [car] window. He stopped and tried to get loud and I flattened his tires, all four of ‘em. Talk about an abomination. Bitch, who is you? 

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