Atlanta, GA
Angela: I’ve been through it all. I’ve been stabbed, ran over, hit in the head with a shotgun, choked unconscious.  

BW: Tell me about whatever you want.

Angela: Well, when I was a year old, my grandfather started raping me. I started having bad dreams and couldn’t wake up. I would dream that snakes were crawling in and out of me and I never knew why until I was like seven or eight years old. I went to the psychologist and they found out that my grandfather was raping me. It went on til I was sixteen.

BW: I thought you said that they found out he was raping you when you went to the psychologist at seven?

Angela: Well, my mom knew but she didn’t tell anybody else and neither did I. It didn’t happen again from the time I was seven until I was fourteen, when I ran away and went to my dad’s and that’s when it started happening again.

He took me and kept me in a motel for about three years. Held a gun to my head while he raped me… he’d sleep in front of the motel door cause he didn’t want me to leave. Yeah, we were in Donalsonville, GA. 

BW: How did you get away?

Angela: Well, he  bought me this car. We were driving down the road and he was drinking. He asked me to stop so he could pee. When he got out, I left. 

He found me again and him and my Aunt Jeannie stole my car. She signed my name and they sold it. So, I was back around him again. I was seventeen. But this time I pulled a gun on him and told him, “You’ll never touch me again.” I think maybe I had a nervous breakdown. I blacked out. You know how it looks when you’re in between channels? Like the fuzz in the TV? That’s all I could see. 

So, they ended up taking me to the hospital. I never would tell them what he had done or anything. They just knew that I’d wigged out. And boy did I.

BW: Did he ever get in trouble for what he did to you?

Angela: No, but he died a horrible death. He had a massive heart attack and they put him in the hospital. They took half his bowel out and moved him to a rehab. The day he was supposed to get out he had another massive heart attack and died. But look, he didn’t like black people and God made sure that every single person who took care of him was black. 

BW: *Laughing* It’s ironic that I meet you in the middle of an almost all black neighborhood. I wonder if there’s anything to that?

Angela: *Laughing* I don’t know… I just get along with black women better. Every white friend I’ve ever had has tried to screw me over, steal my clothes, fuck my old man and so, I just don’t trust them. 

BW: But you trust black women?

Angela: Yep. They stick with you, buddy. 

BW: Well, what was the best day of your life?

Angela: Hell if I know… When I got baptized. My cousin said I had a gold ring around me and I was talking to God in tongues. It was pretty cool. It’s gonna make me cry… but you talk about the best feeling. Your body’s so light… it’s unreal.