Ariel Part 3 of 3

Ariel Part 3 of 3


Atlanta, GA
Ariel: I’ve been dated, robbed, beat, raped and sent back to the boulevard naked. 

BW: Can you tell me about that night?

Ariel: Yeah… a guy picked me up. White guy actually. Picked me up. Paid me. We did our thing. He hit me in the back of the head with a pistol, took the money back, stripped me naked, handcuffed me, put me in the backseat and dropped me back off where he got me from with nothing. 

BW: Was there any sign that it was going to happen? Was there an argument or anything?

Ariel: No. You don’t know if you’re in an undercover’s car or a rapist’s car or a killer’s car until it’s too late. 

BW: Does that worry you out here?

Ariel: Of course it does. I’ve got kids I need to make it home to. They still need and their needs come before anybody’s, including mine. So, while I’m sitting around waiting on government help, they still need and they still have to eat so instead of robbing or selling drugs, I just sell what men want. Some days I make really, really, really good money and some days I don’t.

Right now I’m pregnant with twins. I’m only five months but I’m big as hell. People ride past me because they think I’m getting ready to pop and they don’t stop so some days I stand out there forever. I might just catch one or two dates. Sometimes none at all. 

BW: Do you ever have any guys who have a pregnant fetish?

Ariel: Yes. I actually have a date now. His name is Bob. He gives me $475 for an 8 oz glass of breast milk. When he looks at me he understands the struggles that I’ve been through. He has an understanding about life. He knows when I leave I can go in the house and sit down for a while without having to be out here. That’s why he gives me that much money. So I don’t have to be out here. He’s got some type of care in him. 

BW: So, he’s kind? It’s more than  just a fetish to him. He wants to take care of you?

Ariel: Right, right.

BW: Do you find that a lot out here? People who are actually decent? 

Ariel: Actually I do. God doesn’t always put people in your life through a positive way. Sometimes it takes a little negativity to open your eyes.

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