I saw Brittany on the same South Atlanta corner that I had originally met her on months earlier. I always keep an eye open for her because her condition seemed pretty grave the last time we talked. 

Brittany: I don’t got no more stories to tell. It’s self explanatory when you look at me, Goddammit. 

[Yells at man walking by] What the fuck you lookin’ at? You said what? Fuck me? I asked you what you was lookin’ at!

I look more fucked up than I did last time, right?

BW: I think so. The last time we talked, you told me that your face wouldn’t get better because you couldn’t stop drinking.

Brittany: Actually it had gone down cause I had gone and got my antibiotics and was taking them. but me and him [x-boyfriend] got into some shit and this wasn’t healed all the way so it fractured this side. But now he’s in jail cause he shot the motherfucker I was living with three times.

BW: So, he got out of jail after we talked the last time?

Brittany: Yeah, he got out. His mom or somebody paid for his bond. I was only renting a room from the guy I was living with. I seen him coming down the street. When he ran in there, I got away and climbed out the window and went to the bus stop. Later on, I seen it on the news and people called me and told me. It was true. He had shot the man three times. Someone else came in the house and he shot them too.

BW: So, he shot two people and that’s what he’s back in jail for now? And he still hasn’t gone to trial for the shit he did to you?

Brittany: Yeah.

I had a sample Hidden South book printed out and laying on the floorboard. Brittany picked it up and started flipping through it. I tell everyone what the pictures and stories will be used for but I knew that seeing the pictures that I took of her, in print, may get a bad reaction. 

Brittany: Damn, you know her [pointing at a picture of another woman from the neighborhood]? You know, that bitch went to jail for murder and got off?

BW: No, I didn’t know that. You’re coming up on the next page.

Brittany: *Turns the page* Why… Why’d you do that? Fuck. Who gets these books? You just picked the ugliest fucking pictures of me.

BW: No I didn’t. That wasn’t my intent at all. You were moving around so much that I couldn’t use most of them. Besides, I love that picture.

Brittany: I want this book.

BW: That book’s just a sample. I’ll bring you a real one when they come out.

Brittany: I might be dead by then.

BW: I hope not.

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