Atlanta, GA
BW: What kind of art do you do?

Courtney: I’ve been making jewelry. I also mess with a lot of bones and taxidermy. Anything I can find that I don’t have to spend money on, I’ll make it into something. Bird feathers, pieces of metal.

BW: So, why’d you move down here? 

Courtney: Because my family is originally from here. They live down here now. I got stuck with a DUI while I was visiting them last year and so I had to break the lease on my apartment, quit my job… Georgia is a black hole. I want to go back to the mountains. I’ve been to jail three times in six months for the same DUI.

BW: Why?

Courtney: I wasn’t getting my community service done. I had lost my job since I had to go to jail for thirty days. I’ve never had any ticket in my life and I got two DUIs in the same night. 

BW: The same night?

Courtney: It was one DUI but they count it as two. So it’s a DUI less safe and a DUI perse. I only had two beers. I was .082. I was only a mile away from home when I hit the roadblock. 

BW: What was the hardest day of your life?

Courtney: I…Umm…realizing that I am an alcoholic and realizing that I do have problems. I… I can’t say what the hardest part of my life is. There’s too many parts. It’s all about heartbreak.

BW: Have you hit a bottom?

Courtney: Yeah, when I got my DUI and I had to go back to Illinois to get my stuff. I showed up to my job completely drunk because it was like my life was gone. They had to fire me. That was one of the worst moments. I worked at Goodwill. I loved it. I enjoyed working there. I love antiques. Going through old stuff… It’s a pathetic feeling. Especially when you enjoy the people you work with. 



Update on Alicia and Emma

Update on Alicia and Emma