All in Inked Soul


I fell in love with him so hard. Bold Love sums up our entire experience. We've been together for eight months and we've already gone to Europe and spent three months there. Now we're on our way to Canada so I can introduce him to my father.


When I was seventeen I moved back to Memphis and opened my own tattoo shop in the back of a Harley shop and built up from there. We now own seven stores in North Mississippi and Memphis.


He was like, “Well let's play twenty questions, and I bet you by the end of it I'm gonna figure out what you're gonna get.” I was like, whatever. I got nothing to lose. He asked me all kinds of stuff about myself. They were in-depth questions about my family, my personality, all kinds of stuff. At the very end he was like, “Okay, I know what you're going to get.

Bam Bam

My record [is long] in Georgia and Florida. I did three years here in Orleans Parish Prison. I was making money and having fun back then--eating three jars of peanut butter a day, working out all night, not jacking off, and victimizing people. I had a good time in OPP.


Oh yeah, absolutely. My whole life’s been a burden, but I bear it in a way that it makes something positive for everyone else. When you wear your ink properly, and your ink is right, everything else is just perfect. People see it. They understand. You get a connection with people that is…beyond price.


I felt super suicidal the day that I told her and I felt like I needed to cut my body open in some way. So I decided to get Love of Fate [tattooed on my knuckles] and just let it go and accept that that's just what the past was and I've moved forward from that.


Carlos: I see a lot of stuff [spirits and demons]. That's why I have these saints and Jesus on my arms. It gets super scary to where I can't sleep at night. I have to sleep with my candles on because I catch all that stuff.

Thomas - Forsaken

Back when I was younger, I had loads of faith. At the age of 15 my best friend committed suicide.  I also lost a friend to a drunk driving accident. My mom was an alcoholic and she beat the fuck out of me. I didn't understand how there could be a God