All in Sick


BW: What do you do about your cancer? Do they treat it at all?

Lisa: No… when I get sick I just go to the emergency room. 

BW: So, you don’t have a regular doctor you can go see or anything?

Lisa: No because I don’t have no insurance and no Medicaid.


When I met Timothy in Birmingham, Alabama he was having a hard time standing up straight and was leaning against a wall. I could tell he was in pain so I went up and talked to him. We didn’t get very far before he was in so much pain that he really couldn’t talk coherently. 


I got injured about two years ago. I’m a diabetic. I was working a job and I dropped a board and cut my foot. It got worse and they had to do surgery and amputate my small toe. That was traumatic. 


I was working on a multi-million dollar house. It was right around Christmas in 2009. They had a leak and I was helping fix the chimney. The ladder kicked out from underneath me and I fell thirty feet on to their wood deck. I thought I was dead but I’d just shattered my ankle. The doctor said I’d never walk again. 


 this guy grabbed me from behind, smothered me and when I fell, I hit my eye on a bottle. Glass went in my eye. I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me a shot, bandaged it and told me to put ice on it for three days.


I busted a window and yelled “help, help, help!” and nobody came. I couldn’t reach the phone because it was under the bed. I thought I was dead.