Chelsey - Knoxville, TN

Chelsey: I’ve definitely had better times than what I’m having right now. I went to Kentucky and stayed with my sister for a couple of months. I wasn’t supposed to be there that long but she wouldn’t bring me back. Couldn’t afford it. 

I live in KCDC housing so, they can kick you out once your lights get shut off. So, I just know it’s coming. It’s not come yet but…

BW: Do you have kids?

Chelsey: Yes, I have two. They got taken away because I was on drugs. I was addicted to opiates. I’ve been sober for four days. It’s not much but it’s something.

BW: It’s a start. Where are your kids now?

Chelsey: A lady adopted them. I have a boy and a girl. One and two. It hurts that I lost them but I know *tears* that they’re in better hands right now. They’re more taken care of than I could have done right now. So… I’ve got to look at it the best way I can.

BW: Do you get updates on them or anything?

Chelsey: We have a private Facebook account setup so I can see pictures and find out how they’re doing. I think, once I get my life straightened out and really get on my feet good, then I’ll maybe get to be around them a little bit. She said so but you never know.

BW: How do you think you get there? Have you ever had any length of time sober?

Chelsey: Oh yeah and I love it. 

BW: How did you do it before? 

Chelsey: God.

BW: Did you go to meetings? Work the steps?

Chelsey: No, I’ve never done the steps. Just because, my dad, he used to be a preacher so, I feel like, if you really want to quit, you’ll just quit. 

BW: What’s the longest you’ve stayed sober?

Chelsey: Like, three months. 

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Leslie and Lindsey