Christine: The guy I was engaged to got killed because of my addiction.

BW: How’d that happen?

Christine: I was getting high and you know… sometimes someone gives you something and you owe them. You have to go back and pay them. I didn’t pay them so they went after my man. 

BW: Rock?

Christine: Something like that. Coke. 

BW: How’d you find out he was dead?

Christine: They called me and told me where I could find his body. I thought they were playin’. So, when I went and looked, he was actually dead. Police got involved and everything else. 

BW: They catch who did it?

Christine: Yeah, they finally caught them. It was 4 guys. They are servin’ life now. Happened in Marion, South Carolina about 5 years ago. The main guy went by the name of Little Roy. 

BW: What’d that do to you?

Christine:  I tried to commit suicide. They put me in the hospital.

I don’t owe nobody nothing now. Nuhuh, I don’t owe you! People can look for your family. They know where you stay at. You always lookin’ back if you owe someone.