Kingsport, TN
Connie: When I was a kid, I raised myself. My mom worked nights and we wouldn’t get to see her until we went to school in the morning. I had to give myself a bath when I was five in a pan of water. I had two brothers but they did their own thing. 

BW: What about your dad?

Connie: He was a really bad alcoholic and she divorced him when I was four. He left and we never seen him no more. There’s a lot more to it. Mom partied some too. Very abusive.

BW: Physically abusive?

Connie: Yeah, she’d beat the shit out of us, mainly me. I think she wanted me to be a boy instead of a girl. I think she was jealous of a five year old kid. Like a man would look at me…

BW: Like a man would prefer you over her?

Connie: Yeah, that’s what I really think. 

BW: Did any guys ever…

Connie: Yeah, I’d run. They’d mostly just expose themselves or want to kiss you at five or six year old. 

BW: How do you feel about your mom now?

Connie: We’ve got a good relationship but it all come out. I told her how I felt. Now she tries to make up for it but… it’s different.

BW: Did she apologize?

Connie: No… She denied it.