Deborah: My mom’s best friend molested me when I was eight years old.  It really affects my adult life. 

BW: Did it happen more than once?

Deborah: Yeah, my mom used to let her babysit us.

BW: Did you tell your mom about it?

Deborah: My mom knew about it because she took me to the doctor. She got me checked out. She was using objects so my mom knew cause I got injured. It was irritable and I complained about it.

BW: What did your mom do when she found out?

Deborah: Well… her friend who did it lived next door to us and I never saw her again. I think my mom did away with her. My mom went to jail and I went to stay with my grandma. 

I still have nightmares about it.  It affected my sex life in my marriage. The way he had sex with me, would remind me of the way she did it. It tore my marriage apart. I tried to get over the hump and not think about the abuse as a child but things started going downhill. 

BW: If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Deborah: To have my family back.