Estelle: I was molested as a child, by my stepfather. 

BW: How old were you?

Estelle: 10… I was 10.

He took me to the store all the time and would buy me candy and stuff. I was just a little girl, you know. He started playing with me. Rubbin’ on me and stuff. Tellin’ me I had to do these things to him. 

BW: How long did that go on?

Estelle: Til I was 14.

BW: Do you remember how you felt about it?

Estelle: No… I knew it wasn’t supposed to be happening. I went along with it cause he’d give me candy and money and stuff. All kids like that…

BW: Did you ever tell your mom or anything?

Estelle: I told my aunt and my aunt told me to tell my mom. I did and my mom said that she didn’t believe me. You know how that crushed me, right? She chose him over me so I was, like, hurt.

BW: How do you think it changed you?

Estelle: I think it’s the reason I started doing drugs. When I get high, it takes it away. I don’t have to think about it. I think that people doing drugs has a lot to do with hiding stuff. Know what I mean?

BW: Yeah, I do. That’s kind of what this project is all about. 

Snake Bill

Snake Bill