Kingsport, TN
Heather: My old man works at Eastman and he makes pretty good money but he can’t afford me, with my habit. My habit’s pretty bad.

BW: Does your old man know you’re working?

Heather: Yeah, he don’t like it. I even charge him. I don’t have sex for free. Sometimes I’ll do him for free but usually I’ll say, hey, I’ll do a little of this, if you’ll do a little of that. But this is the best relationship I’ve ever been in. Been with him for eight years. He don’t drink. He don’t do dope. I’m fucked up enough. I need someone with a level head around me to watch my back.

BW: Do you think you could have a relationship where money wasn’t involved?

Heather: I don’t know. I don’t know.

BW: Why do you think it’s like that?

Heather: Cause I’m sick and fuckin’ twisted. I think somethin’ done snapped inside my head that relates money to sex and sex to money. I think I started at such a young age that there’s something in my head that correlates the two.

BW: How old were you?

Heather: I started out at 17 as a Bottoms Up show girl. They trained me pretty well. They taught me how  to take advantage of little ole men and run through their bank accounts real quick. Now I’m 35. I’m too old to dance so I’m walking the street and that’s where I’m at.

BW: What’s the hardest part about working on the street?

Heather: The law, man. The fucking narcotics officers, always hounding me ,wanting my dope dealer, wanting this, wanting that. I don’t tell them anything. They busted me two years ago and I gave them just enough information to get them off my ass. You know what I’m saying? I didn’t really give them anything they could sink their teeth into.

Now, here it is two years later and I’m walkin’ up the street. I just took a big shot of gravel [flakka] and if you’ve ever done gravel you know that when you shoot that shit, you hallucinate and you get a little crazy for a few minutes. This undercover officer comes up and pulls me to the side and said, “I’m the police and I know who you are and I know what you do.” He said, “I don’t want you. I want you’re damn dope dealer.” I started flippin’ the fuck out on him. I started yelling, “You’re the police! You’re an undercover cop!” Started settin’ him out right there in the middle of the street. Everybody knowin’ who I am and now everybody knows who he is. He starts running. I ran the other way. It was just a really bad deal. I don’t know if they’re gonna bother me again or if now they know not to *laugh*. I just flipped the fuck out. I haven’t seen that guy since .

BW: What is gravel? I’ve never come across it.

Heather: God, it’s a chemical and it’s horrible for you but it’s really good shit. It doesn’t last as long as meth but it definitely lasts longer than crack and a little bit more severe than crack. If you like crack, you’ll really love gravel cause it will last longer and the rush is stronger.  

BW: Have you ever stayed sober for any length of time?

Heather: Yeah. The longest I ever made it was 15 months. Had to go to meetings like twice a day. I got this whole group of friends that don’t use from Narcotics Anonymous. The most fun I ever had in my life was at a damn convention. It is so much fuckin’ fun, man. There was like 1000 narcotics anonymous members there, saying the serenity prayer, at the same time. I just get chills thinking about it.