I met Chesia out in the middle of the country in Louisiana. She found out, just hours before I met her, that she was pregnant with her 2nd child. In the picture she’s holding up a pregnancy test

BW: So, you just found out that you’re pregnant today?

Chesia: Yeah… it sucks *smile*

BW: *laugh* Why does it suck?

Chesia: Because it’s gonna be a hot summer and I’m not ready for this.

BW: And it’s been 16 years since you’ve been pregnant?

Chesia: Yeah, my son is at school, steady texting my phone.

BW: What’s he saying?

Chesia: [Talking funny] “You know you gotta stop drinking and smoking cigarettes.” So, this is my last beer.

BW: I can’t believe I caught you on your last beer.

Chesia: Yeah, I’m not gonna jeopardize my child. 

BW: Are you happy?

Chesia: Yeah, I’m happy cause I waited so long. I think did good. I aint like most of these girls with 5,6,7,8 babies. 

BW: Have you ever been married?

Chesia: Nope. Do I want to get married? Nope. Cause I don’t want to be tied down. 



Frenchie Moe

Frenchie Moe