I met Robert on the south side of town. I’d seen him before but had never talked to him. I offered to give him a ride to Five Points, where he buys incense to resell. I learned that Robert worked for an African who buys, restores and rents homes. Robert moves from property to property with his dog and a couple of trash bags full of clothes and helps paint and clean up the newly acquired properties. This allows him to “live free”

BW: You know who your voice reminds me of? You’ve seen Malcolm X?

Robert: Yeah

BW: Malcolm X teacher… The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Robert: *Laughing* Oh yes. Really? That’s cool man. 

BW: So, can you tell me about your spiritual beliefs?

Robert: Sure. A particular species of black people came from beyond the stars, from another galaxy. They were extraterrestrials and they came here to the planet in search of gold. The work was too hard for them to do so they created people to work for them. That’s why people have to work all their lives. 

BW: Do you know more about the aliens?

Robert: Yeah, yeah, of course. We came from a planet called Res Alian and it’s in the 19th galaxy. The ozone layer was depleted because when all three suns shine on it at one time, it eats away at it and makes a hole in it. The only way to fix that is with gold. 

BW: So, the aliens are our God?

Robert: Yes, they are called Anunnaki.

BW: Where did you learn all this?

Robert: From a teacher. His name is Malachi York. He told us to migrate north because he was about to destroy this area. Like a Sodom and Gomorrah type of thing. He’s in prison now for propaganda. 

BW: So, he’s an alien? He’s like a prophet?

Robert: No, no, he’s like a… what do you call… like an angel or an avatar, meaning they can incarnate into human form and be whoever they need to be. He actually came back as Jesus about ten or fifteen years ago. He went by the name Isa.

BW: Are there rules?

Robert: Yes, you know Christians broadcast and try to go out there and find people to bring into their group. Our’s is a secret *laughing*.

BW: Is there a central book? Like, you know, Christians have the Bible?

Robert: Oh yes, it’s called the Holy Tablets. I’ve got one at the house. I’ll show it to you. 

There’s supposed to be a rapture too, for us. After the rapture the people that are the opposite of me, who are living an evil lifestyle, they are supposed to be destroyed by the reptilians

BW: Really… And are the reptilians part of the race that started humanity? 

Robert: The reptilians are the ones who people worship now falsely, who they think is Jesus Christ. They gonna get eaten alive. 

BW: Can other people join this group?

Robert: The only way a person can join is by being black and the person has to be spiritual, not religious.

BW: Why do they have to be black?

Robert: Well, because my teacher is black and targets the ones who were in slavery because these people were devastated from slavery and it has an effect on their minds, even today. It caused mental disease like bipolar and schizophrenia.

BW: Has anyone ever told you that you suffer from bipolar or schizophrenia?

Robert: No, my brother has both. I just have simple depression and I take Prozac for it. Actually, I think that I’m the only person in my family that was not affected with that mind disease. That’s why I’m the black sheep of the family. The reason why I have to take the Prozac is just to deal with the people in general who have that problem. *Laughing hard*