Leslie and Lindsey

Leslie and Lindsey


I met twins, Leslie and Lindsay in the entrance to a rundown apartment building in Knoxville, TN. We talked a little bit about what it was like for them growing up. 

Leslie: She’d just wake up in the middle of the night and just start beating us.

Lindsay: She would make us get naked in the garage and kneel on the cement. Our mom used to beat the shit out of us but our daddy never did. Our whole family died from alcohol except my grandma. She had Alzheimer’s. After we got took away, we didn’t see mama for years. You know the Regency [motel] up there? That’s where they both died. 

BW: Have you and your sister always stuck together?


Leslie: Yeah, it’s just us. We get into fights sometimes but we always forgive each other. We freak out when we can’t find each other. We run around and ask everybody, “have you seen my sister? Have you seen my sister?” *both laughing*

Lindsay ran out the door because her sugar daddy had arrived. Leslie and I kept talking. 

Leslie: The very first time I had gotten in trouble, I got busted with Little G. I got two and a half years and he got five. I ended up in federal prison with Martha Stewart. 

BW: You were in the same prison as Martha Stewart? Did you ever meet her or anything?


Leslie: Yeah, I took her yoga classes. 

BW: No shit? She taught yoga classes?

Leslie: Yeah, they were awesome. I loved them. 

BW: Any stories about Martha?

Leslie: Not really. She would get her own bag of mail, she didn’t have no limits at the commissary store and she got a visitor every day. Those were the only differences. It was crazy, boy, when she got out. They put all of us on lock-down. 

BW: I bet it was. 

Can you tell me about a tough day in your life?

Leslie: Well, I was pregnant. I had mentally blocked that pregnancy out. We was down here at America’s Best  and this trick wouldn’t give me ten extra dollars. Just ten fuckin’ dollars so, I robbed him and I got $750. 

I could tell I was gonna go into labor and I did. It was June 18th and she wasn’t due until August but I had her and I had her natural. That was one of the hardest days of my life because I knew I’d never see her again after that day. 

I have four kids and I’m pregnant with the fifth. The two youngest I only get to see pictures of. Now, my ex has custody of my son, Baby G, so I get to see him any day I want to. I take him to church every Sunday. Regardless of what I’m doing, I take that time to take my baby to church. 


BW: Does your son understand what’s going on with you?

Leslie: Yeah, he knows. I was clean for like a year. I relapsed 11 months ago but before I relapsed I was taking Suboxone every day at home and he’d wake up in the mornings and say, “now mama, did you take your medicine?” You know, cause it’d make him feel better if he knew.