I stopped at a dollar store in Savannah and noticed that the cashier looked like she was recovering from being hit in the face. I asked her if she could come outside and talk to me for a few minutes. 

BW: What happened to your eyes?

Brittany: My daughter’s daddy. He beat me.

BW: Why did it happen?

Brittany: He was on coke for three days, mixing that with molly. My daughter walked outside to the garage. She came back in and as I was going through the laundry room he just stopped me right there. No reason really. 

BW: How long have you been with him?

Brittany: Two and a half years. 

BW: Has he done it before?

Brittany: Yes

BW: Do you want to leave?

Brittany: I’m in the process. I have a friend who’s trying to help me out but see… he’s not gonna let me leave and take my baby. 

BW: Have other people beat up on you in the past?

Brittany: Yeah. 

BW: What do you think is up with that? 

Brittany: Well, the guy I’m with now, I told him about my previous relationships and that was probably my downfall. I shouldn’t have told him. 

BW: Why? You think he hits you because you’ve been hit by other guys before?

Brittany: Yeah, because I’ve been through it already.