Jaz: I got a thing for older men. I’m talkin to this guy now that’s 50!

BW: How old are you?

Jaz: 28. You know how us girls who didn’t have a daddy are.

BW: Yeah, I’ve known a few.

Jaz: But this guy… I can’t stop thinking about him. Gorgeous cock. Mmmmm. And he’s an addict like me. He likes meth. But he’s got his shit together. 

BW: How’s he got his shit together?

Jaz: You know, he’s got a house. His house isn’t trashed. No ring around the tub… he’s got his shit together.
I called him today, texted him, and nothin. I just need to get over him. It’s bullshit. I don’t need to be hung up on some old man!

BW: If he called right now, you’d be over there in 5.

Jaz: Yeah… *giddy smile

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