John: I knew I was gay in high school but I never had any experiences until I was older. 

BW: Did you ever come out to your family?

John: Nope. It was never discussed. But, I had a lover for 25 years. His name was Frankie. We were so much alike. We raised show dogs together. 

BW: Did your parents know him?

John: Well sure, they knew him but it was never discussed. He took care of my parents while I worked.

BW: Did they care about him?

John: Sure, they cared about him. I could not have paid enough money to get the kind of care he provided for them. 

BW: What happened to that relationship?

John: He died of a massive heart-attack while he was taking my mother to the doctor.

BW: It seems like it still causes you a lot of pain to talk about it.

John: We were together for 25 years. He’s been gone about eight years now and I still don’t have anyone else cause I’ll never find another one like him. Those were good years. 

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