Atlanta, GA
Lisa: I been sober twenty-seven years. I used to be on drugs real bad. I found God and got myself together and I was able to communicate with my kids again and it was wonderful.  I started doing drugs when I was fifteen. Had my first baby when I was fifteen. Been on my own since I was fifteen. When I had my first baby, my mama put me out. 

BW: What was the hardest time of your life?

Lisa: Not having somewhere to live.

BW: When was that?

Lisa: About three years ago. I’m in the process of probably going through that again. The man who owns the apartments I live in is in some kind of trouble with the city. He won’t keep up his properties. I used to work for him but he laid me off. There’s just a bunch of stuff right now. 

BW: What do you do if you get evicted?

Lisa: I don’t even know. I’m trying to get disability right now because I’m sick. I have cancer in my uterus. 

BW: Have you been able to get medical help?

Lisa: I haven’t been able to get Medicaid, no kind of medical assistance. I have to keep going back and forth to the emergency room… It’s hard. 

BW: What do you do about your cancer? Do they treat it at all?

Lisa: No… when I get sick I just go to the emergency room. 

BW: So, you don’t have a regular doctor you can go see or anything?

Lisa: No because I don’t have no insurance and no Medicaid. I done tried everything. They told me to eat different and stuff but that don’t do any good cause sometimes I don’t even have an appetite. I just lay in the bed. 

BW: Well what was the best time in your life?

Lisa: When I had my two girls with me. They just left me.

BW: What do you mean they left you?

Lisa: Because I’m sickly. Their daddy’s side of the family came and got them from me. 

BW: Do you miss them?

Lisa: Yes, A lot. I lost my job and I didn’t have the money. I couldn’t really do for them like I was doing so I had to let them go somewhere they could be taken care of. They don’t want to be there but…