Lloyd: I’ve always had a problem with authority. I don’t like someone standing over me, telling me what to do and all that, so when I joined the Navy, it didn’t go well. I started to get real mad at the world and everything. I was already using drugs, which is a no,no in the military. People found out that I was using and some of them would hit me up on the side and ask me to get them stuff. You’re in the military. You’re not supposed to know how to get that stuff. Well, I did. 

So, in the beginning it was just me helping my friends get there little drugs. Turned out that there were a lot of people who wanted drugs. So, I said, “well fuck, I’m gonna start taxing them. Before I know it, I’m dealing, bad. 

I’ve made twenty to twenty-five grand in a night before. I’m on the Internet for one robbery for $15,000. It took me a few minutes to make that and I robbed people often, A few times a week. 

BW: So, you were still in the military when you were robbing people?

Lloyd: Well no… the ones that I got convicted for were after the military.

BW: OK, tell me how you used to do it. 

Lloyd: I can tell you about one that I got arrested for because I already did my time.

BW: Go for it. 

Lloyd: So, we’re plotting on this night club and we know the setup and the layout of it. It was on High Street in Portsmouth, Virginia. We got there at like four and we watch the place. Eventually all the employee vehicles are leaving. We wait until there’s one vehicle left. Two guys come out the backdoor and when they’re turning to lock it, we run up on them, told them to unlock the door, pulled them back in the club. I was in the office with one of the guys. I had my gun out and it just so happened that they had all the money out, doing the count for the night. 

I loaded all of it up. The guy in the office was just devastatingly scared. Man, I felt bad for him. I didn’t put much thought into it. I never seriously considered using the gun. The gun just ensured that I wasn’t gonna have any kind of problem. I didn’t point it at him or nothing. I just had it held at my side, making sure nobody did anything stupid. I talked to him and said, “Man, just relax. I got the money. That’s what I came for.” I like to think that I calmed him down but he probably hates my fucking guts.

BW: What’s life like for you now?

Lloyd: Robbery and drug dealing were my life and I can’t do that anymore. Man, it’s been so hard. I try to maintain jobs and I fuck them up. I’m having trouble living the straight life. I refuse to do anything that gets me locked up for ten years or five years. I don’t even want to do thirty days… 

Look, I jumped off the porch when I was young, man. I started doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. I started running the roads. When I was thirteen, I stole my moms car and drove across the city of Hammond to Ponchatoula and lost my virginity. I just been blow and go since then.

BW: Did your mom just not have any control over you?

Lloyd: She had absolutely no control over me. I was petrified of my father. I would get away with a lot of shit because my mom was afraid to tell my father because he’d beat the fuck out of me. He only used his fists twice but you can still abuse a child with a belt. 

Right now, I’m so fucked up. I hate myself. I need to get myself into rehab. I’ve been on heroin 2 years straight and I want to get clean but every time I take a step forward, I get knocked ten steps back. 

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