Lori: After my mama passed they would call me the head lady. 

BW: The head lady?

Lori: Yeah. You know, people just want some head some time. They give me a few bucks to give them head. Well, I was dressed up this one time, going to see this man at a motel. He was gonna take me to a club, show me off a little bit. I get to the motel and he won’t open the door.  The motherfucker thought that my ass was starting to have feelings for him, more than the little $20 he was giving me. Just wouldn’t come out of the motel. So I’m there all dressed up. Stole a white man’s truck and everything.

BW: *laughing* You stole a truck?

Lori: I did. It was a bad ass truck!

BW: How did you steal his truck?

Lori: He was a white guy I’d met on Fulton Industrial, wanted some head. Took my ass all the way to Carol county. What’s the name of that place? B word. Nothin’ but high end crackers, but they country. 

BW: *Laughing* Bremen?

Lori: *Laughing hard* yeah, yeah, you know. So, anyway I had this truck and I was looking  good. Had on my little dress with the back out and everything. Guy wouldn’t come to the door but there was this other guy sitting in his truck in the motel parking lot and he offered me $100 to get with him but I couldn’t do it. 

BW: Why not?

Lori: Because I was scared that I wasn’t the woman that he thought I was. I was used to people giving me a little money here and there for some head but $100… I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t recognize myself as being worth that much so I couldn’t take it. He saw $100 in me in that red dress and I just couldn’t see it. 

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