Lou Anna

Lou Anna


9th Ward, New Orleans, LA.

Lou Anna: It’s like a life long story. I used to do drugs. One day I was high and I heard a voice that said get a knife so I had a knife in each hand. The voice told me I could fly so I jumped from the 5th floor. I fell to the 2nd floor. Didn’t make it to the 1st. This was God because the direction I was going in, I didn’t go that way, It was like something caught my right foot. I was hanging from the 2nd story balcony, head down towards the ground. 

There were a lot of people standing around. It was like a movie. Fire trucks and everything else. 

They put me in cuffs and brought me to Charity Hospital. When the doctors come in and talked to me, they said, “You’re one lucky person. You should be dead, bruised, fractured or something.

BW: 5 story fall and you didn’t break anything?

Lou Anna: Nothing. It was God. 

I continued to use drugs until I was just so tired. Just got tired of giving the dope man my money. I prayed to God to take this habit away from me. 

One day, I bought some dope [crack] to take home. I went to take that hit. After I took that hit, I had to run straight to the bathroom and it came back up. From that day until this day I haven’t done any more drugs. 

BW: So, you didn’t get any 12 step help or any of that?

Lou Anna: Yeah, I have been to 12 step meetings but see, when you yearn for something, that’s what the Lord will do. He will step in.

BW: How long has it been since then?

Lou Anna: 3 ½ years. I feel very close to God. From that fall, it had to be God. With that jump, I was headed down. Who was there? It was that sin that made me do that and it was God who saved me.