Manie: I don’t speak too much. I have PTSD so…

BW: PTSD from what?

Manie: When I grew up, there was a lot of stuff goin’ on. My mamma did drugs and stuff so she always had all kinda people over.  Everybody. Anybody. A lot of slammin’ doors. A lot of yellin’. In and out. Bein’ little, that messes with you. Put you on edge. Especially when you by yourself. 

They didn’t diagnose me until I was nineteen years old cause my son passed away at two years old. 

BW: How did it happen?

Manie: My baby daddy beat me up and set the house on fire. My son died of smoke inhalation. It took a week or two for him to pass. 

BW: Damn. Why did he do it?

Manie: He was crazy. I was like seventeen [when the fire happened]. I was fifteen when I had him.  My baby daddy was twenty-six. He’d always get drunk and think I was cheatin’ on him. 

BW: Tell me about the day it happened. 

Manie: I don’t remember too much about it. I blacked out. I was in my bed and my son was in his crib. He higher up than me

He gets out [of prison] in three years. 

BW: He’s getting out? Did he go to prison for man slaughter?

Manie: Involuntary man slaughter of a minor. 

BW: Are you worried about him getting out?

Manie: He write me and tell me he sorry. I’m more worried about what I’m gonna do but I don’t think I go that far. My heart too good.