Knoxville, TN.

Marsha: I was the victim of a very violent gang rape when I was seventeen. Four guys. They were all good looking white guys. They took me to Forest Park in Brooklyn and told me that they were going to be doing a concert there. We were all drinking tequila and they worked me over real good. 

I have post traumatic stress disorder, severe depression, I used to be a cutter. I guess that just follows suit after being raped. You just get a feeling of low self-esteem. Damaged goods… I can’t stand to be surrounded by men. Cops… it doesn’t matter what they are, they start surrounding me and I start getting flashbacks or something. 

BW: How has it changed your life?

Marsha: Well, I’m on medication for that and bipolar.

BW: Do you think you were bipolar before that happened?

Marsha: I don’t know… I really don’t think so. I think that’s what causes you to snap. It’s like the PTSD thing happens and then the bipolar kicks in after that and then you can be violent.

BW: Were you violent before that happened?

Marsha: No, not at all… I went to prison for four years because of the PTSD. A cop was dragging me by my hand and I bit him right there [pointing to upper arm] and when he pulled out his cuffs, I bit him there [pointing to wrist]. I did four years in maximum security. They put me in with people who put their babies in microwaves and turned them on. They put me in with those kind of people. 

And, I don’t hate cops. I was going to be a cop when I got out of the Air Force but then they said I had to put kids in jail for having a weed in their pocket and I said no. Then they could get raped [in jail] and be a real problem to society because some 6′ black dude raped them and then they could go coo-coo.

BW: Or four white guys.

Marsha: [Chuckle] Yeah or that.