Michelle: I used to be a sex slave.

BW: When you were a kid?

Michelle: Yeah, in the Dominican Republic. I was sold into it by my father when I was 6 months old. 

BW: Damn… so, when did they make you start working?

Michelle: They would make girls start working between eight and twelve. 

BW: How did you get away?

Michelle: I ran away when I was 16. I met an old white dude. He asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him that I wanted to cook and he took me away. And they killed him. 

BW: They killed him?

Michelle: Yeah, he’s dead. They found him over here. He used to be a big trick around here. Can we talk about something else?

BW: Sure. What do you want to talk about?

Michelle: You know what people think about you in this neighborhood? They think you full of shit. To be honest, it’s known that when a white man comes over here, he’s paying to be in control. He’s paying to be dominant. He’s not paying for my ass. He’s paying for me to be his black slave. Yeah, you gonna pay me to do all the shit that your wife refuses to do. So, a lot of white men that come over here have black girlfriends. 

That’s just how we were trained. We were trained to get out here and sexually satisfy a man. That’s the Dominican Republic. Regardless of what he want to do, if he want to stick his toes in your ass, you trained to do that. You are built, broken down, and rebuilt mentally from a child to an adult to tolerate that. 

BW: You were brainwashed from the time you were a little kid until you came here but you seem like a strong, independent woman. How did that happen?

Michelle: I’m a survivor and I’m skilled. Anymore questions?

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