Michelle: My mom put me out at an early age and the streets took me in. I stayed on the street 20 years waiting on a man to come and fall in love with me.

I stayed clean for 5 years and worked at Walmart.

BW: Why did you start back?

 Michelle: I failed in life and I medicate to make me feel like I’m somebody. 

BW: Crack?

Michelle: Yeah.

BW: Do you know why you started in the first place?

Michelle: When I was in school they used to talk about how smart I was but I never fit in. I wasn’t accepted. I never had a clique or a best friend. I just didn’t fit in. 

They say I’m bi-polar

BW: Have you ever tried medication?

Michelle: No, cause I’m not that bad. I just talk too fast. I can talk non-stop for 24 hours.