Macon, GA
Sarah: I got taken away from my biological family at the age of two. My mom tried to throw my baby brother away in a dumpster. Somebody saw her and they called DFCS. My dad was an alcoholic. I know he used to put beer into me and my older sister’s baby bottle.  We had cats and the cats would be on the table eating our food.

BW: What happened to you after you got taken away?

Sarah: I went to my step family’s place and at the age of seven I got adopted by them. I was adopted April 13th, 2003.

BW: What were they like?

Sarah: At the beginning it was really good. They treated me with respect. Whenever [me or my sisters] got hurt they would take care of us. The day I got adopted, they bought me a stuffed monkey named Bobo and I’ve had it with me ever since.

BW: Are you still close to your step family?

Sarah: The only person I’m really close to in my step family is my step dad. I got kicked out in July. They would blame me for things I didn’t do. Like my sister stole money from my mom’s purse, and I got blamed for it. My step mom grabbed my throat and I couldn’t breathe, took me by my hair and threw me on the floor and against the wall. She punched me. They forced me to leave. They took money from me before they kicked me out of the car. 

When they kicked my biological sister out they bought her a motel room for a week. They didn’t do that for me. I lived on the streets.

BW: And now you live with your boyfriend?

Sarah: Yes.

BW: You smile when you say that.

Sarah: [Giggle] Yes, I’m in love with him.

BW: Do you fight sometimes?

Sarah: Yes, some things have happened. Like he hit me once or twice but he apologized after that happened. He cried and said “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” And now I’m having a child from him. I want a boy.

BW: Why a boy?

Sarah: Because I want my [second] child to be a girl and I want the boy to protect his younger sister.