Shawn: About two years ago I was in a bad, abusive relationship. Him and his friend had kidnapped me and held me hostage at a hotel on Cleveland Ave. for 3 weeks. 

BW: Did they hurt you?

Shawn: They didn’t rape me or do nothing like that. He jumped on me and broke my nose. Both my eyes were black and my face was swollen real big. They made me play Russian Roulette. Thanks to the good Lord that the gun didn’t ever go off. 

BW: How’d you get away?

Shawn: Well the boy was on heroin. He had fell asleep and that’s how I got away. I called the police and I took warrants out on both of them. They got 20 years and are still in prison right to this day.

BW:  I bet that was scary as shit.

Shawn: Yeah, it was very scary. He kept telling me if he can’t have me, can’t nobody have me. That’s why I tell these young girls, when a nigga says he gonna do something, he’s gonna do it. I tell them be careful who you talk to and don’t be with no nigga because of his money. There’s something behind that money. You just gotta be careful out in these streets because it’s very dangerous.