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He started throwing plates and stuff like that. He was snorting coke. He started taking off his clothes, looking at me, playing with himself. He made me take off all my clothes and he tried to rape me.


she says, “I don’t never regret being with you. Even though we put each other through a lot of bad times, we had so many great times too.” And she was right. 


He brought me here [New Orleans] about 2 months ago. I’m pregnant again, as you can see, about 5 months. Recently he up and just disappeared. So, this is the position I’m in at this point. 


I never knew I could do it and it turns out I’m pretty good at it. I just want to make it out of this small town and it’s looking like track is my way.


Yeah, I’m happy cause I waited so long. I think did good. I aint like most of these girls with 5,6,7,8 babies. 

Frenchie Moe

So yeah that’s it. Two people vow to “jump off a cliff” together, at the same time, out of crazy, insane love, but only one of them actually jumps when the moment comes. And someone gets stranded. By themselves.


Me and my lover, we liveded together but he was a bad boy. He was a thug. He wanted me and everybody else too. He ended up getting killed because he was running around. 

Lou Anna

The voice told me I could fly so I jumped from the 5th floor. I fell to the 2nd floor. Didn’t make it to the 1st. This was God because the direction I was going in, I didn’t go that way, It was like something caught my right foot.


 I lost a full ride scholarship to Oklahoma State University for wrestling because she decided she wanted to smoke crack and be a prostitute instead of working a job and being a mother