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Atlanta's a great city, man. Every city has it's ups and downs, but for me and my healing process, Atlanta's been a great city. I've been in and out of Grady and Emory hospitals having research done and tests done. 


I've been a working girl for a very long time. I grew up in Ben Hill. I learned the streets at 14 years old right here on MLK and Fulton Industrial and now I'm 43.  


My family always take care of me no matter what. I think that has a lot to do with me still being out here. My mom will send me money and pay up my motel room. They don’t know no better.


Yummy: I was eight. I never really told anybody. I do feel like that’s what pushed me in the direction where I’m more sexual, I guess, even though it’s used more for a commodity. 

BW: You never told anybody about what happened when you were eight?

Yummy: No, you are the first person.

White Boy

I told him I didn’t know where [the gun] was. I was bloody and they had bags up underneath my body. They were talking like I wasn’t there like, “What do you want to do? What car do you want to take him in?” They were really gonna kill me! It went too far. 


My next door neighbor got me started using drugs. one day I was locked out of my house from school and he offered me some [crack] because he wanted me to have sex with them. After a couple of tries I finally gave in and done it with him. 

Ariel Part 2 of 3

What is he gonna have to do, kill me before you do anything to this man? Because he means me absolutely no good. Before I’ll let him take mine, of course I’ll take his life. I’m not trying to go down that road but I’m not going to idly stand by and let him take my life from me. I’ll shoot the shit out of him and keep it moving.

Ariel Part 1 of 3

 I hustle and I work on Fulton Industrial. It’s how I make ends meet. It’s how I provide and how I eat. I don’t do this for a drug habit. I do this because most men that look at me like to have sex with me so I just charge them. I’m not a prostitute. I’m a hustler.


Growing up we had to isolate ourselves. We had to deal with things on our own. My mom would run off for a week or so and get fucked up on meth and he’d [stepdad] try to make us choose sides and shit.


God say he would never put no more on you than you can bear so I go through these trials and tribulations and the struggle and it hurts. It really hurts. Cause you know you a good person. Deep down inside your heart, you a good person. 


When I was young, about twelve, I seen my sister and mother smoking crack together. I seen the spot where they hid the pipe at. I went behind them after they left and tried it. I got hooked.


BW: Do you like being a prostitute? 

Angela: I don’t hate it. There are certain aspects of it that I hate but it’s like flipping a burger to me. It’s no big deal. It’s just what I do for a living. People get up every day and go work in a factory. That’s how it is to me. It’s just like getting up every day and flipping burgers.

Ms. B

Well when I first came to Atlanta I was on Metropolitan. I was a young girl. I was about sixteen. This guy tried to pimp me. It was all older ladies in his little stable and they used to give me money to take back to him. They would tell me, “You don’t need to be doing this. You’re too young to be out here.” 


I pay $35 a day where I stay. That’s the reason why I come out here and clean tires and glass, be a tour guide, I do everything. I pay my rent on a daily basis. I eat on that money and I keep my cell phone turned on. I’m not out here begging. 

Rest In Peace

I was working in The Bluff yesterday and saw a girl who, from a distance, looked a lot like Ela. I hadn’t seen Ela for many months so I was really hoping it was her. I approached the girl and as I got closer realized it wasn’t her. 

Little John

I’ve been to all the lower forty-eight states now, all by train. It’s just like anything else. It’s got it’s ups and downs. The people that you travel with, that’s your family, you know.