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I grew up on a dairy farm in a place called God’s Thumbprint. That’s actually where I’m hiking back to. I have some health issues. I’ve been diagnosed with Leukemia.


I was picked on all the time because I wasn’t Hispanic. I had the birth defect with my hand and I was a tiny kid. I became so prejudice against Hispanics because they were the one’s picking on me, making my life horrible. I just became so hateful.


They sent my dad back to prison for something he did 4 years prior. He was clean with me. We went to a meeting every morning together and I went to my little night time younger people meeting and hung out with my friends. It had become a way of life for me. Then… it tore me up, I mean it TORE me up.


There’s an old adage that says, you don’t know what you’ve got til you lose it.” I always knew I had a good husband but I always thought he depended on me more than I depended on him. That was the thing that was so surprising because I found out that wasn’t true.

Rob Seven

It goes all the way back to birth. The baby’s not comfortable when it’s leaving it’s comfort space and it’s being pushed, through violent contractions to who knows where. So, I sorta developed that into my own saying, “birth always looks like death from the other side.”


I grew up in a KKK family. I was made to drink beer at age six. I was made to smoke my first blunt at the age of eight. I’ve been abused with electric cattle prods, thrown into a stove, electrical cords… Most of the abuse was by my brother’s father. 


I came out on the first day of high school. I actually had a girlfriend at the time but… fourth period hit and I saw the most beautiful guy I’d ever seen in my life. Instantly I knew. 


My mom died when I was about eight so my dad hired this lady to come take care of me and my brother. He ended up marrying her and she became our step mom. She was so mean. We couldn’t stand her. She’d lock us out of the house and make us stay outside all day. 


I noticed his window was cracked just a little. Just enough for the staff that the guy had given me to fit through. When I saw the crack, I heard the dudes voice say to me, “you might need it to fend off the wolves.”


He brought me here [New Orleans] about 2 months ago. I’m pregnant again, as you can see, about 5 months. Recently he up and just disappeared. So, this is the position I’m in at this point. 


I have a daughter. *crying* She’s 13 now. I lost custody of her and when I lost custody of her, that’s when I started using. Just trying to cover up that pain, you know? Cause that’ll kill you. 


I never knew I could do it and it turns out I’m pretty good at it. I just want to make it out of this small town and it’s looking like track is my way.

Lou Anna

The voice told me I could fly so I jumped from the 5th floor. I fell to the 2nd floor. Didn’t make it to the 1st. This was God because the direction I was going in, I didn’t go that way, It was like something caught my right foot.