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So I was sixteen driving around in a brand new Lincoln Continental. My stepfather gave it to me because I was playing the game. When I graduated I was supposed to go to University of Louisville or Tennessee.


Rochelle: I was seven and my cousin was fifteen. Now, I’m fifty-five. Did anybody talk about stuff like that back then? Hell no. Did I know in my seven year old mind that something was going awry? No, I did not. But, in his fifteen year old mind did he know? Hell yeah. 

Ms. B

Well when I first came to Atlanta I was on Metropolitan. I was a young girl. I was about sixteen. This guy tried to pimp me. It was all older ladies in his little stable and they used to give me money to take back to him. They would tell me, “You don’t need to be doing this. You’re too young to be out here.” 


They sent my dad back to prison for something he did 4 years prior. He was clean with me. We went to a meeting every morning together and I went to my little night time younger people meeting and hung out with my friends. It had become a way of life for me. Then… it tore me up, I mean it TORE me up.


He brought me here [New Orleans] about 2 months ago. I’m pregnant again, as you can see, about 5 months. Recently he up and just disappeared. So, this is the position I’m in at this point. 


The system took me away from my mother when I was eight or nine. The abuse was going on all the time. When she smoked, she’d beat me. When she couldn’t get none, she’d beat me. I had cigarette burns. I had scars all over my body from extension cords. 


See, the worst kind of high, that really gets you hooked, are the free ones. You go to a party and everything free so, you sample everything because it’s free. Then, once you have to pay for it, you realize hey, I might have a problem.  


I would want him to know that even though it seems that I’m choosing the drugs over him, that it’s really not the case. *Balling* I don’t know… I just… I don’t know where to start to even get right. It’s not really stopping using the drugs that I need to deal with as much as why I use the drugs in the first place.


I’ve been in Pittsburgh [Atlanta Neighborhood] since I was like 25. I had started out dancing when I was 21. Started snorting powder and drinking alcohol. I was a hot mess, honey. A hot one. But, I made money.


I went home for the funeral and there was a letter that my daughter had never mailed to me. She had written it 3 days before she died. It said, “Mom, if something happens to me, know that I still love you. I just want you to change your life. Don’t do no more prostitution or drugs." 


My mom passed when I was 9. She was really sick, She had been addicted to crack cocaine, but she got her life together. The last three years of her life, she spent with us, clean.


I got diagnosed with cancer and I got diagnosed with heart failure and liver failure. My mom lost my little sister when I was 16 so… this is a big change. I don’t want to go. I know the man might say I only got 9 months but the Lord is the only one who can tell me when it’s my time. 


We never really had a relationship. I always wanted one but we never really had a solid father daughter relationship. That’s why I was always looking for a sugar daddy, someone to take care of me and stuff. So, I started dancing when I was 17.


I think the prostitution for me is, like, more of an addiction because I feel like somebody loves me. I know I’m not being loved but I’ve already told myself, for that 2 minutes, I’m being loved.