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There was something that always bothered my mother about me. She never really had love for me and I wound up in the streets at 14.


My ex was a veteran, God bless his soul. He overdosed on pain killers. I went over there and something wasn’t right. He didn’t come to the door. I crawled in the middle window cause I remembered I left it open. I found his body just limp.


 this guy grabbed me from behind, smothered me and when I fell, I hit my eye on a bottle. Glass went in my eye. I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me a shot, bandaged it and told me to put ice on it for three days.


Tiffany: I lost my kids, my house, my car. I lost everything because of these pain pills. I’ve drank alcohol, done coke and other things and all of that was easy to quit. But, I just can’t quit the pills. I get sick if I try. Everything is just gone…


My husband died on me 2 months ago. He had a heart attack in our home. Two weeks later my brother killed himself. Since then, I’ve just been out there. I’m lost. I’m just lost right now… my life is drug addiction. 


Dude tried to kill her. We were in Chicago. He just started cutting her. Slicing her face up. She had blood all over her. All over me. I just blacked out. Couldn’t do nothing. I woke up with her laying next to me. She was still bleeding.


I been in this house for 40 years. Grew up down the road. Used to work in the mill right over there.


This guy got let out of the mental institution and within 6 hours came into the convenience store, over there on Smokey Road, where my daddy was workin’ and shot him.


I can tell you this, the city of Atlanta code enforcement doesn’t mess with any of these houses around here except for mine. They fined me $450 for having that car over there because it had grass around it.

J.R.'s Garden

J.R.’s garden is one of the only beacons of hope in an otherwise hopeless environment and it seems that he’s alone in his quest to bring something positive to the community. 


 I’ve been in a lot of bad predicaments. Been through a lot of shit. I need somebody else prayers cause mine aren’t working by themselves.