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Rob Seven

It goes all the way back to birth. The baby’s not comfortable when it’s leaving it’s comfort space and it’s being pushed, through violent contractions to who knows where. So, I sorta developed that into my own saying, “birth always looks like death from the other side.”


He took me and kept me in a motel for about three years. Held a gun to my head while he raped me… he’d sleep in front of the motel door cause he didn’t want me to leave. Yeah, we were in Donalsonville, GA. 


He knocked me out cold in my own house and tried to rape me. When I came to and started hollering, my dog started going crazy. That startled him and he took off. 


Yeah, I done got clean and stayed clean for 5 years. I can do it but every time something happens in my life that’s hard, I go back to the streets. 


Well… we all have addictions. If you put anything else before God or love anything before him, he’ll take it from you or at least make you suffer until you come back to him. 


There was something that always bothered my mother about me. She never really had love for me and I wound up in the streets at 14.


you ever heard of a whistler as a tool of punishment? I’d come home with a bad grade or if my grandma was just having a bad day… it was a piece of plywood that had holes drilled into it. My dad made it for her. 


This is my life and I love it. I don’t allow anyone to just come down here due to the fact that I like my space. This is my castle and I am the king of my castle. 


When I was a little older, my mom would let the dope man stay at our house. I think there were times when she would let them come upstairs and mess with me for a couple of hits. 


I’ve been sober for 2 years now, but these last 6 months have been hell. I quit going to meetings when I got involved with somebody. Last Sunday I threw him out.  I always fall back into drinking when I stop going to meetings. I isolate myself really, really bad. 


After you come off that bed you would have to go into what they called a behavior control room, which was worse than a jail cell. There are concrete walls and a hole in the concrete floor. It is completely empty. They feed you through the door and you have to eat with your hands because you aren’t allowed any silverware.