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Paul - The Power of Storytelling

I almost froze to death in there—they shut off all the heat in the buildings. I was in a locked cell by myself with paper clothes on. All that was there was a mattress. The guards really beat the shit out of me; when I first got there I was having blackouts, and apparently I was talking a lot of shit to the guards.


I was addicted to heroin and crack-cocaine for about ten years. I overdosed and died twice in a six-month period, and I was at the bottom. Enough was enough. I had always battled with the whole—is God real, is God not real? I told him, “Man, if you’re real, and you save me from this forever, then I’ll walk it out,” and everything clicked.


Growing up we had to isolate ourselves. We had to deal with things on our own. My mom would run off for a week or so and get fucked up on meth and he’d [stepdad] try to make us choose sides and shit.

Rest In Peace

I was working in The Bluff yesterday and saw a girl who, from a distance, looked a lot like Ela. I hadn’t seen Ela for many months so I was really hoping it was her. I approached the girl and as I got closer realized it wasn’t her. 


y mom passed away in my arms at fourteen. She had this medication that would almost immediately stop seizures. She locked her jaw and she wouldn’t let me put it in her mouth and that was it. She didn’t want it. She wanted to go. 


He ended up going to prison and I went to get clean in Smyrna at a sober living place. I was clean for six months and stupid me went and found another guy. I think I replace drugs with guys so it’s like a different addiction. 


I’ve made twenty to twenty-five grand in a night before. I’m on the Internet for one robbery for $15,000. It took me a few minutes to make that and I robbed people often, A few times a week. 


He brought me here [New Orleans] about 2 months ago. I’m pregnant again, as you can see, about 5 months. Recently he up and just disappeared. So, this is the position I’m in at this point. 


I have a daughter. *crying* She’s 13 now. I lost custody of her and when I lost custody of her, that’s when I started using. Just trying to cover up that pain, you know? Cause that’ll kill you. 


I would want him to know that even though it seems that I’m choosing the drugs over him, that it’s really not the case. *Balling* I don’t know… I just… I don’t know where to start to even get right. It’s not really stopping using the drugs that I need to deal with as much as why I use the drugs in the first place.


My mom had an addiction to cocaine. They actually let her out of jail because she was pregnant with me. She left me with some babysitters when I was about 18 months old and told them that she was going to the hospital and never came back. 


My mom passed when I was 9. She was really sick, She had been addicted to crack cocaine, but she got her life together. The last three years of her life, she spent with us, clean.


I think the prostitution for me is, like, more of an addiction because I feel like somebody loves me. I know I’m not being loved but I’ve already told myself, for that 2 minutes, I’m being loved.


Like most people [who are heroin addicts], I started messing around with pills in high school. By the time I tried heroin, I was already a full blown opiate addict. Heroin was just a cheaper alternative.