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My husband tried to keep me from going in the house and I just about knocked him down getting in there. My son was laying on the sofa. My son had beautiful blue eyes and of course you die with your eyes open and that’s all I saw. 


A particular species of black people came from beyond the stars, from another galaxy. They were extraterrestrials and they came here to the planet in search of gold. The work was too hard for them to do so they created people to work for them. That’s why people have to work all their lives.


He took me and kept me in a motel for about three years. Held a gun to my head while he raped me… he’d sleep in front of the motel door cause he didn’t want me to leave. Yeah, we were in Donalsonville, GA. 


I met Corey and Mickey on the edge of The Bluff, an Atlanta neighborhood known for drugs, prostitution, and gang violence. I approached them because they were clearly out of place and I wanted to hear their story. 


I became a transsexual at the age of 13 or 14. Going to school was hard because I had to fight all the time. I was always suspended. My father never approved of me being the woman that I am. So, I got emancipated at the age of 16. 


My mom had an addiction to cocaine. They actually let her out of jail because she was pregnant with me. She left me with some babysitters when I was about 18 months old and told them that she was going to the hospital and never came back. 


BW: Darlin’ you’re making me nervous. I’m not asking you to tell me anything illegal. If I’m not asking you to tell me anything illegal, why do you think I’m a cop?


Yeah, I done got clean and stayed clean for 5 years. I can do it but every time something happens in my life that’s hard, I go back to the streets. 


Well… we all have addictions. If you put anything else before God or love anything before him, he’ll take it from you or at least make you suffer until you come back to him. 


I was at a friend of mine’s house and his sister, she was a stripper and she expected me to be hoppin’ on this girl and hoppin’ on that girl. She said, “Are you dumb? Get the fuck out of my house.


He don’t love us. He don’t care about us. He looked at us like we were strangers. He had another family and he just kicked us to the curb. 


you ever heard of a whistler as a tool of punishment? I’d come home with a bad grade or if my grandma was just having a bad day… it was a piece of plywood that had holes drilled into it. My dad made it for her.