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A particular species of black people came from beyond the stars, from another galaxy. They were extraterrestrials and they came here to the planet in search of gold. The work was too hard for them to do so they created people to work for them. That’s why people have to work all their lives.


I got injured about two years ago. I’m a diabetic. I was working a job and I dropped a board and cut my foot. It got worse and they had to do surgery and amputate my small toe. That was traumatic. 


I became a transsexual at the age of 13 or 14. Going to school was hard because I had to fight all the time. I was always suspended. My father never approved of me being the woman that I am. So, I got emancipated at the age of 16. 


My mom had an addiction to cocaine. They actually let her out of jail because she was pregnant with me. She left me with some babysitters when I was about 18 months old and told them that she was going to the hospital and never came back. 


There was something that always bothered my mother about me. She never really had love for me and I wound up in the streets at 14.


you ever heard of a whistler as a tool of punishment? I’d come home with a bad grade or if my grandma was just having a bad day… it was a piece of plywood that had holes drilled into it. My dad made it for her. 


By the time they found me, my mom had already passed away and been cremated. I never really got to tell my mom that I was sorry. 


I was working on a multi-million dollar house. It was right around Christmas in 2009. They had a leak and I was helping fix the chimney. The ladder kicked out from underneath me and I fell thirty feet on to their wood deck. I thought I was dead but I’d just shattered my ankle. The doctor said I’d never walk again. 


I went home for the funeral and there was a letter that my daughter had never mailed to me. She had written it 3 days before she died. It said, “Mom, if something happens to me, know that I still love you. I just want you to change your life. Don’t do no more prostitution or drugs." 


He died in 2006. It’s been a while but I still think about him cause it was the happiest time of my life. I wish he was here right now. I really did love the guy. I did. After all these years, I still love him.


I was driving down a street  known for drugs and prostitution when I saw Pink, making her way towards me with a distinct limp. I asked her about her life. She told me that she had two sons and that she hoped to get married to a good man someday. Then she told me about the accident that changed her life. 


The question was, “Where will you be in ten years?” First she got literal, then she got Pentecostal. Happy Sunday from The Hidden South.


My dad woke me up on the 28th of April and said, “we got to take your mom to the hospital cause she’s dead.” ... I walk out and she’s slumped over on her futon with a burnt out cigarette in her hand. Next thing I know, I’m riding home with her ashes.


The toughest day of my life was the day I got raped. I got in the car with somebody who I thought was friendly and he wasn’t.


BW: Do you forgive him?

Linda: Yes. I love my dad. He’s a good man. He’s a hard worker and always took good care of us. He’s not a bad person. I don’t know what made him do that.